All rentals will be coordinated through the President or other Designee and in concert with the Board of Trustees. A determination will be made as to the appropriateness of the group in terms of purpose, membership, etc. and whether the impact of the rental on GMUUC space and resulting wear is deemed worth the rental income.

  • Renters must submit a Space Usage Form and comply with the current fee schedule and policy guidelines and must make a usage fee deposit. Rental fees are due at the time of reservation for short-term rentals. For long-term rentals, the first month’s rent is required two weeks prior to the event and each month’s rent thereafter must be paid two weeks prior to the event. Two weeks’ notice to GMUUC is required for cancellation.
  • Children must be supervised at all times.
  • Supplies and equipment stored in classrooms are not for use and if furniture is moved, it should be replaced and the room returned to order.

Space Usage Review

Space usage by all new groups will be reviewed by the President or other Designee after the first three months. If at any time during the church year the President or other Designee determines that there are problems related to a particular group’s use of GMUUC space, permission to use the space may be rescinded.

Space Usage Deposit

A deposit is required for all sponsored or rental group use of the building. The deposit is required at the time of reservation of space. The deposit is fully refundable if policies listed in the Space Usage form are honored and it is determined after the group has left that no damage or abnormal wear has been done to the building or its contents. Should there be reported damage or failure to adhere to policy, the President or other Designee will determine what part of the deposit will be retained.

Rental Deposit & Fee Schedule

Deposits and fees subject to change.




Rental Groups
     Support Groups $25 $20 per meeting
     Exercise Groups $25 Sliding scale
     Special Occasions* $75 $150 per event
     Other Groups** $25 Sliding scale
($20–$150 per meeting)


*Weddings, funerals and memorial services, bar or bat mitzvahs, birthday parties, etc.
**Spinning groups, writer’s workshops, etc.