Hysterical Pronoia: the Universe is Conspiring for You

The philosophy of non-dualism is such that there is one power in the Universe. Non-dualism is a hallmark of many world wisdom traditions. If this is the case, everything is working for us. However, sometimes we try to swim upstream. 

Avril has degrees in exercise science, public health and is a recently ordained interfaith/interspiritual minister. She is trained in Traditional Yoga Meditation, and several other styles of Yoga, and has been an influential teacher in the greater Atlanta area for over 22 years. She trains teachers in Adaptive Yoga, leads employee stress management classes, facilitates several weekly meditation sittings, and does individual mindfulness therapeutic interventions at Piedmont Healthcare, Foundation Psychiatry, and Unity North Atlanta Spiritual Center. She is a busy mother, avid meditation practitioner, exerciser, and interfaith advocate.  

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