Stay Close to the Ground

Some think of it as “soul.” Some feel it as “home.” Most would certainly sense that it evokes “heart.” What is the elusive ground of life? This place of presence—and the feeling—that keeps tugging, beckoning, nudging, calling to us when we slow down enough to pay attention? Today’s service wants to serve as a reminder of the preciousness that we long for, and that wants us, too. This warm place that receives, and continues to receive; and comfort, and hold us.
Rev. Reynolds has served extension, settled, consulting, and Accredited Interim Minister. He is a graduate of Starr King School for the Ministry. He lives with his life partner, Jean Lamer, in Dunwoody, GA. Rev. Reynolds’ retirement career is currently oriented to developing Companioning Circles, which are small innovate practice groups that cultivate personal, relational and spiritual depth for people of liberal faith.

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