Speaker: Earl Daniels

“A Cost of War: Our Military Veterans”

What do we owe those who fight our wars? We will consider our relationship with our veterans. Earl Daniels, UU Ministry Candidate, completed a Chaplain Residency at Mtn Home VA Medical Center.

A UU Love Story

Our faith calls us to use our heart and brain. In these divisive times, how do we live agape love?
Earl Daniels, UU Ministerial Candidate, is currently a Chaplain Resident.

The Spiritual Practice of Forgiveness

How much emotional energy does your past take from you? How are you affected by people with whom you disagree? Do you get tired of being exasperated at other people? Adopting forgiveness as a spiritual practice not only allows you to let go, but is … read more.

Giving … the Benefit of the Doubt

We will explore how doubt can help us live out our UU Principles. In a world where fake news abounds and lying is a political mainstay, how do we avoid cynicism and distrust?

Earl Daniels holds an MDiv from Candler School of Theology.

Practicing Lovingkindness

Our lives are enriched with connections to other people. How can we deepen those relationships with a spiritual practice that fits into our daily lives? How do we recognize obstacles and foster a more radiant, joyful heart? We will explore the practice of lovingkindness (“metta”) … read more.

Responding to Islamophobia

As justice-seeking UUs, we need to know how to respond anytime anyone is oppressed. Right now, in the press, on social media, and too often in the streets, it seems to be open season to demean or harass Muslims. We will examine why such sentiments … read more.