Rev. Barry Whittemore

Peace and Faith

Peace is the Advent theme this Sunday, and Faith is our December worship theme. We will explore how they inform one another and how they may direct our coming year. The Rev. Dr. Whittemore retired from active parish UU ministry in 2013. He … read more.

Lord, Have Mercy: Psalm 51

We will delve into our May worship theme of Mercy with an exploration of Psalm 51.
The Reverend Barry Whittemore is a professor of history at the University of North Georgia and formerly was the minister of GMUUC.

Hope: The First Sunday of Advent

In the traditional liturgical calendar the four Sundays of Advent (preceding Christmas) are hope, peace, joy, and love. The first Sunday of Advent also marked the beginning of the church calendar. This service will be all about our hope for the present and future.

The Reverend … read more.

Amos: A Prophet for Our Times

The Unitarian Universalist desire for social justice did not start in “the Sixties.” It dates back to the prophets of ancient Israel, Amos being among the earliest. What can we learn from this ancient text and how does it apply to us now?