Rev. Charlotte Arsenault

To Entertain Angels

Using a spiritual practice by the name of Lectio Divina, we will engage in better understanding what spiritual resources present to us on the worship theme of the month–hospitality.

Who Will Remember Me?

As we honor Veterans Day, we are reminded that each of us carries our own incredible history. What will become of your story? What will your legacy be?

The Things We Fear

In honor of Halloween we will discuss how our fears have the power to either hold us back or drive us forward in life. You’re invited to come dressed in your halloween finest!

Everything I Need to Know I Learned From Mr. Rogers

Everyone’s favorite neighbor was actually an ordained Presbyterian minister! Explore how he lived out his faith through his work with children and what we as UUs can gain from his example. During the service we will have a “Back Pack Blessing” ceremony to send our … read more.

UU Q & A

This “question box” service gives a chance to ask questions about the past, present, and future of our Unitarian Universalist movement.
The Rev. Dawn Skjei Cooley believes that UUs are called to “Love the Hell Out of the World.” Former minister of First Unitarian in … read more.

Reflections on Beauty

At our 439 South Park Street church, congregation members will alternate readings and music about our October worship theme, Beauty. At the same time at our church campout, we will reflect on Beauty outdoors at Vogel State Park, Picnic Shelter #3.

An Open Letter to the Self-Professed Nazis in Charlottesville

In the wake of the acts of terrorism in Charlottesville this weekend, Rev. Charlotte will share an open letter to those who perpetuate hatred, racism, anti-semitism and bigotry.
During Time for All Ages, we will still have our “Back Pack Blessing” ceremony so we can … read more.

Consent and the 5 Smooth Stones

As our youth begin their study of “OWL”, Our Whole Lives, a comprehensive, age-appropriate study of sexuality, we will discuss how the notion of consent is imbedded in the foundation of our faith and how we can use it to address injustices in our world.
… read more.

Sweet Tea, Football, and Old Dixie

This is an auction sermon. There is much to take pride in, in being a southerner. It seems at times we have a culture all our own, but our rich history holds painful secrets that deserve to see the light. How do we meaningfully recognize … read more.

First Contact

If we sent a team of humans to a new-found planet who would we send? What items, values, and images would we find worthy enough to make the journey? How do our choices inform our faith?