Rev. Charlotte Arsenault

Q & A

Back by popular demand! Do you have queries about theology or Unitarian Universalism that need answering? Bring your curiosity to this Q & A style service.

The Evolving Spirituality of the Beatles

The Beatles left a spirit-filled legacy through their songs. Come join us for this musical service that will end with a Potluck.

The Theological Imperative of Unitarian Universalism

We will explore our most important task as Unitarian Universalists. What is our purpose and how do we know we are accomplishing it? There will be a sermon reflection during our Second Hour program.

A Cure for Loneliness

Despite modern technology providing endless opportunities for connection, a sense of isolation lingers. What is the cure for what Kurt Vonnegut calls “the terrible disease of loneliness?” Father’s Day BBQ will follow the service.

A Belly Full of Faith

Nearly 20% of our Lumpkin County neighbors are in poverty. Let’s take a closer look at the relationship between socioeconomics and religion. Please bring in food items to donate.

Holy Rolling

Unitarian Universalists have strong opinions about the role and identity of both Jesus and God, but what of the Holy Spirit? Is there a place for it within our movement? There will be a Potluck following the service.

This Changes Everything

Our worship theme this month is transformation. What transformational event has changed your life? It is also our annual Flower Service so please bring a flower (or two!) to share. There will be a Second Hour sermon talk-back directly following the service.

What More in the Name of Love?

Honoring the 50th Anniversary of MLK Jr.’s assassination we recognize the movements transforming our world today through the power of persistent civil disobedience and how our legacy as UUs plays into it. There will be a Second Hour sermon talk-back following the service.

23 and Who?

The company “23andme” makes finding our ancestry easier. What happens, though, when our true story bumps up against our inherited story? Our second hour focuses on your contrasting stories. We also will joyfully dedicate Charlie Manganelli!

To Entertain Angels

Using a spiritual practice by the name of Lectio Divina, we will engage in better understanding what spiritual resources present to us on the worship theme of the month–hospitality.