Rev. Charlotte Arsenault

Saying Grace

We will explore what Grace means to a Unitarian Universalist, historically and in the present. There will be a child dedication and a second hour sermon discussion.

The Phoenix Always Rises

Come ring in the New Year with our fire communion service where we will let go of what held us back in 2018 and make way for 2019. Sermon reflection will follow the service.

World AIDS Day Panel

We will review the challenges and triumphs of HIV/AIDS awareness and treatment since the first World AIDS Day in 1988. The film “Leap of Faith” will be shown during 2nd Hour.

Weird History

We UU’s have some kooky history! Ever heard of Spiritualism or the Mechanical Messiah? Come explore some of the weirder parts of our legacy. Potluck will follow.

Blessed Be the Fruit

Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel explores the role of women, the dangers of giving up freedoms, and how hope survives. How do these relate to our present world and our faith?