Rev. Charlotte Arsenault

The Next Generation

Come celebrate the next generation of Unitarian Universalists during this special Sunday Service where we will dedicate a child or two and have a bridging ceremony for Eve Stump! This is an intergenerational service.

The Pursuit of Happiness

In today’s world, the pursuit of happiness often seems to take priority. Should this really be our end goal? This service will include our annual Flower Ceremony Sunday- please bring a flower of your choice to share with the congregation- and we will also celebrate our newest members during the service.

What’s for Dinner?

With our worship theme for May being Mercy, we will explore the many ways to show mercy by engaging in ethical eating.

The Great UU Teach-In

GMUUC will be joining over 600 UU churches in North America as we discuss the subject of White Supremacy and racial justice during a national UU “teach-in”. Please come with open minds and open hearts.

A Beltane Celebration

Celebrate Beltane (May Day), one of the principal yearly pagan festivals, welcoming the change of seasons. There will be readings, a homily, and even a May Pole! For those who want to “seek” the May Pole, bring comfortable clothes.

Behind Bars

As we begin this month’s worship theme of “Freedom,” let’s discuss the deeply troubling private prison system and the inhumane practices still occurring within them.

Dear God, It’s Me, Charlotte

Just as there are many ways to pray, there are many recipients of our prayers. Let’s explore the practice of prayer in the world’s religions and in particular, Unitarian Universalism.

Pay It Forward

Our pledge drive sermon will concentrate on why supporting a Beloved Community is not always about you and your needs. “Pay it forward” by making a financial pledge to support GMUUC. Please stay for the post-service potluck.

Sliding Doors

If each decision we make creates a new path for our lives, what do we do with the infinite paths we did not take? How do we grieve the lives we didn’t live? 

Tu B’shevat

Tu B’shevat, the “Jewish Arbor Day,” celebrates an ancient agricultural festival. Let’s discuss this celebration and the sacred symbol of the tree in world religions. The GMUUC committees will host this month’s potluck after the service.