Speaker: Rev. Charlotte Arsenault

Celebrating Silver

Everyone is welcome as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the founding of GMUUC during this very special service where we will discuss the lessons learned, the milestone moments and what the next 25 years of our future may have in store for us. Stay afterwards … read more.

Holy Envy

Barbara Brown Taylor, a world-renowned author living in our backyard of Clarkesville, GA, has written a new book of particular interest to Unitarian Universalists. Let’s explore the idea of interfaith exchanges, and its relevance to our faith, with her book as the springboard. 

Passover Seder for Freedom

Join Rev. Charlotte and Robin Kottman for a Passover Seder for Freedom on Saturday, April 20th, 6 – 8 pm at the church.This inclusive intergenerational service & dinner celebrates the Jewish festival of Passover.  Enjoy meaningful readings, songs and symbolic food.  Bring an unleavened side dish or dessert … read more.

Give Them Not Hell…

For Unitarian Universalists who do not believe in a hell, what does the term Salvation mean to us in the 21stcentury? Does it retain any useful relevancy? Let’s explore the foundation of our faith as it pertains to salvation and how our understanding of it … read more.

The Spirit of Jazz

Join Rev. Charlotte and special guest musicians as we discover the spirit of jazz in this rhythm-centered service. There will be a sermon reflection during our Second Hour faith development program.

Gone Fishin’

Together, let’s cast a vision for our future as we answer the question, “If you had no limitations, what would be your biggest, wildest dream for our church?” There will be a sermon reflection during our Second Hour faith development program.

A History of Courageous Love

Please join us as we discuss the lessons learned during a recent youth trip exploring historic locations of the Civil Right Movement. We will also give this year’s Courageous Love Award to the Newtown Florist Club of Gainesville. 

The Phoenix Always Rises

Come ring in the New Year with our fire communion service where we will let go of what held us back in 2018 and make way for 2019. Sermon reflection will follow the service.