Speaker: Rev. Don Custis

Talk is Cheap

How genuine and sincere are we in following the principles we espouse? Do we practice what we preach? Do our actions speak louder than our words? Or, as a quip in Reader’s Digest once said, “if we were on trial for being a Christian (for … read more.

Caught Between Peace and the Sword

“Peace on earth and good will” is part and parcel of Christmas. But as a friend wrote on her card: “Peace on earth is a dumb thing to say unless you do something about it.” Don is a retired Presbyterian minister and member of GMUUC. … read more.

Courage Borne of Conviction

In this service we will explore courage and present the Courageous Love Award.

Don Custis has worked for the United Way and the National Urban League. An ordained Presbyterian minister, Don and his wife Becky have three adult children.