Rev. Marti Keller

A Feminist Fandom

The colorfulness and contradictions of Frida Kahlo sparked a fascination that has taken this UU minister all over the world. Why Frida, and where are our Fridas today? UU minister and social justice advocate Marti Keller resides in Atlanta, GA.


Rev. Keller will rejuvenate us after a long and by all accounts emotionally draining presidential election campaign, We will gather together to determine how we might begin to repair what has been called our United States of Anxiety and work to affirm and promote what Eleanor Roosevelt saw as the moral basis of democracy? Rev. … Continued

Talking About the Weather: Living an El Nino Year

In keeping with this month’s mindfulness theme, there’s almost nothing we are more universally mindful of than weather, especially what we call weather events. How might we navigate a real or metaphorical season of gloom or extremes? (Hint: Eeyore might well weigh in). Speaker: Rev. Marti Keller Rev. Marti Keller grew up and spent much of … Continued