Reverend Charlotte Arsenault

The Origins of God

It seems everyone has their own opinion about the origin of God. What is yours? Is God creator or created? Come and we’ll explore this theme together. There will be a second hour sermon talk-back directly following the service.


The #metoo movement brings about the potential for a societal shift; victims of sexual harassment and abuse have finally been given a voice. Let us come together to heal and look to the future of this movement. A second hour sermon talk-back will follow.

Activism as Spiritual Work

Our faith has a long tradition of activism, but it is often suggested that activism and spirituality are separate. As we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, let us delve into the question “can activism be spiritual too? Our Second … read more.

Wind Beneath My Wings

Who is your hero or your mentor? Come celebrate those people in our lives that inspire us to greatness, alter our perspectives, or help to nurture our passions. This will be a “multi-voice” sermon.

Come, Come, Whoever You Are

As we mark the beginning of a new church year, please bring a small container of water from a cherished place–whether near or far–to share in our annual ingathering water ceremony. Additionally, this quarter’s musician is Danny Boyland, who will enliven our service with his … read more.