Vanessa Cowie

My Brother’s Christmas Carol, by Fanny Dickens Burnett

Novelist Charles Dickens, the “conscience of Victorian England” and in some ways the author of our modern Christmas, embraced Unitarianism. Come share the perspective of his older sister and A Christmas Carol’s message of hope.

Speaker Vanessa Cowie is a librarian and storyteller and a charter … read more.

Thanksgiving: Guests at the Table

Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude and of generosity. In this congregation-led service, we will give thanks; we will give our solemn attention to the Transgender Day of Remembrance; we will begin our annual giving to Guest at Your Table; and we will make some … read more.

Animal Blessing

Our annual GMUUC Animal Blessing will be presented by Phyllis Ellis, with GMUUC President Gayle Gannaway doing the Blessing. Please bring your dog, cat, bird, rabbit, or other beloved pet and enjoy this special intergenerational service in our sanctuary. For pets who are unable to … read more.

No Place for Angels: Olympia Brown Speaks

WWOBD? What would the 19th-century Universalist minister and suffragette do or say if she were to visit our congregation today? Drawing on biographical material and Olympia Brown’s own words, we will explore the legacy of this groundbreaking woman.

Speaker: Vanessa Cowie

Vanessa Cowie is a charter member … read more.