Candles of Community are an important part of the GMUUC’s Sunday worship services.


What is the purpose of Candles of Community?

Candles of Community is for the brief sharing of the deepest personal joys, concerns and sorrows of a congregant with the rest of GMUUC community. ‘Personal’ means that a joy, concern or sorrow involves a family member, someone you are very close to, or yourself.

I would like to share my concerns about a global issue such as climate change, oppression, or war with the congregation — may I do that through Candles of Community?

This would not be an appropriate use of Candles of Community. Candles of Community is for joys/concerns/sorrows involving a specific person you know and care deeply about. Feel free to discuss the issues during the Coffee Hour, and attend a meeting of the Social Justice Committee meeting to share your thoughts.

May I light a candle silently?

Yes, you may. If you do, someone who knows you well may approach you one-on-one to wish you well or for a conversation, if you wish.

How often may I light a Candle of Community?

We don’t have specific thoughts on how often. You may light candles whenever you have a deep personal joy, sorrow or concern, even several times a year if necessary. We do believe that if we use candles sparingly, our voices tend to be heard more deeply by the congregation.

I was involved in a great activity or vacation — may I share this during Candles of Community?

We believe that this sharing is more appropriate during the Coffee Hour or at other fellowship opportunities, rather than at Candles of Community.