A Cure for Loneliness

Despite modern technology providing endless opportunities for connection, a sense of isolation lingers. What is the cure for what Kurt Vonnegut calls “the terrible disease of loneliness?” Father’s Day BBQ will follow the service.

homeless like me.

Rev. Cranford will share information about homelessness in America and Atlanta. She will share statistics, stories, and hope for the future.
Rev. Cranford is a bapticostal misfit floating in the mainline. She works for The Gateway Center, a homeless service provider in Atlanta. She likes … read more.

Healing Pandora: A Feminine Lens of Hope 

Today’s service will be a mosaic of music, meditation, metaphors, and message designed to convey the importance of soul spaces for living from heart’s wisdom.

Rev. Roy Reynolds, retired UU minister, is devoted to practices of deep listening, dialogue, and mutuality.