The Greatest Mystery

One of the principles of almost every world religion is that we love one another. But what is love? How do we grow it and keep it? Should it be our focus or is it nothing more than a sentimentality? 

Rev. Dalton was born and raised … read more.

Over Gentle Waters

Please join us as we celebrate the Bridging Ceremony for Marius Palmour. This is a sacred rite of passage for Unitarian Universalist youth who “bridge” into adulthood. We will also celebrate the annual flower ceremony so please bring a flower of your choice to share. 

Celebrating Silver

Everyone is welcome as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the founding of GMUUC during this very special service where we will discuss the lessons learned, the milestone moments and what the next 25 years of our future may have in store for us. Stay afterwards … read more.