A Belly Full of Faith

Nearly 20% of our Lumpkin County neighbors are in poverty. Let’s take a closer look at the relationship between socioeconomics and religion. Please bring in food items to donate.

Healing Pandora: A Feminine Lens of Hope 

Today’s service will be a mosaic of music, meditation, metaphors, and message designed to convey the importance of soul spaces for living from heart’s wisdom.

Rev. Roy Reynolds, retired UU minister, is devoted to practices of deep listening, dialogue, and mutuality.


A Cure for Loneliness

Despite modern technology providing endless opportunities for connection, a sense of isolation lingers. What is the cure for what Kurt Vonnegut calls “the terrible disease of loneliness?” Rev. Charlotte is joined by Dr. Maria Zayas for this service with a second hour workshop afterwards.

“Stroke Recovery: An Unwelcome Adventure”

Henry Tipton had a stroke at 52. Ann and Henry’s story of their “unwanted adventure” through his recovery is inspirational and educational.

Ann and Henry Tipton are retired attorneys who live in Clarkesville GA.