23 and Who?

The company “23andme” makes finding our ancestry easier. What happens, though, when our true story bumps up against our inherited story? Our second hour focuses on your contrasting stories. We also will joyfully dedicate Charlie Manganelli!

This Man Jesus

Christians believe that Jesus, the Son of God in human person, died for the sins of humanity and was resurrected on the third day. The Unitarian Universalist living tradition springs from Christianity as one of its sources. How can this man Jesus still inform … read more.

What More in the Name of Love?

Honoring the 50th Anniversary of MLK Jr.’s assassination we recognize the movements transforming our world today through the power of persistent civil disobedience and our how our legacy as UUs plays into it.

Holy Rolling

Unitarian Universalists have strong opinions about the role and identity of both Jesus and God, but what of the Holy Spirit? Is there a place for it within our movement?

A Quiet Passion: Emily Dickinson, a 19th century None

Emily Dickinson is fascinating for her heretical theology and poetry and her transformation from a dutiful Calvinist daughter to a free thinker and writer.
Rev. Marti Keller is in her 20th year of ministry, currently serving as minister with the UU Women’s Federation.